"Queen Panther"
Janie Tess Soriano

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Name: JanieTess Soriano
Age: 15
Grade: 10 Sophomore
James Logan High School
Project name: Mola
Title: "Queen Panther"

I chose to create a panther because they look mysterious and because of the tales and the history I read about them. Panthers are my favorite animals and palm trees remind me of my home. Plus, the background creates good unity! I chose to take Multi-Cultural Art because I wanted to try various ways of expressing myself and the way I feel. This is a great class to experiment with new ways of expression. In this class we learn alot about other parts of the world and develop alot of techniques because we don't only concentrate on drawing or painting alone. We also do paper cutting(mola), inking, ceramics, carving, etc. based on the country or specific place, that we learned about which makes the art we do even more interesting.


Class of 2004 - 2005