The Navajo people of the Southwest create Sand Paintings for various ceremonies or dances. For example, when people are sick, sand paintings are made on the floor. This ritual is performed in a Navajo house called a Hogun. Holy chants are sung & prayer medicine given. Each color represents some force of nature, some direction, and more. This is a sacred, ritualistic tradition, and images should not be copied.

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                             Navajo                                              Tibetan

Many cultures create sand paintings. For example, Tibetan monks create detailed sand painting mandalas in a sacred ritual symbolizing their journey to Nirvana.

Students are encouraged to incorporate their own culture and ideas in sandpaintings they create. It is fascinating to see, and for students to experience how sprinkling colored sand is so soothing! They really get a sense of the meditational quality of the practice of sandpainting.

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