Weaving Flat - Navajo

Native American Navajo people have been weaving rugs and blankets for over 300 years. Although the Pueblo Indians had a long tradition of weaving cotton cloth, it was not until the Spanish introduced sheep and spun wool that the Navajo began to weave woolen wearing blankets. These Navajo blankets were highly valued and widely traded among American Indians. navajo1.jpg - 32430 Bytes
Navajo weaving art is rapidly being recognized as a major art form.

How Long Does it Take to Weave a Blanket?

".... He told the woman to do two pieces of weaving: a better than average, twill weave, double saddle blanket (30 x 60 inches), and a 3 x 5 foot quality rug. The saddle blanket was completed in 140 hours and the rug in 238 hours! And this I would remind you was straight weaving time - not spare time.
If this weaver had shorn, washed, carded, spun and dyed her own wool, my friend conservatively estimates that it would have taken another 200 hours."


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