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Multicultural Art, the class

In this course, we explore the cultural foundation of and art techniques used in several cultures reflected in our community. It is our hope that through the greater understanding of others we will contribute to the creation of a culturally compassionate population of young adults.

During this one-year course of study, students are exposed, however briefly, to one or two traditional art forms from several cultures around the world. With a basic understanding of the original intent of the regional/tribal art, students go on to create their own interpretation of those themes. Students enjoy the variety and challenge of working in printmaking, light metals (copper and aluminum), various textiles, acrylic paint, beads, and various papercrafts. Students incorporate their own life experiences and personal preferences with the variety of materials provided to create a unique and varied art collection.

Multicultural Art, the teacher

Mrs. Curson tried very hard to get through her 22+ year career keeping her student's hands as dirty and as far away from a keyboard as possible. Alas, Covid 19 struck in March of 2020, so here we are. 

Fellow art teachers, I do hope you choose to incorporate my projects into your curriculum. We all work too hard, and there's no need to reinvent the wheel. Please shoot me a quick email with your thoughts or any questions!

I hope many crafters are inspired to try something new.  AND YOU!, you who mistakenly think you are non-artists! Let me say to you after 22 years with nearly 200 high-school students per day, I've had thousands of people change their mind about their creative ability and experience the accompanying joy at that revelation. TRY. Enjoy the PROCESS. If you're unhappy with the product, so what? Throw it away and try it pro of anything did it great the first time... or try something else!

Finally, I hope that if in any way my presentation is inaccurate or unpalpable to your particular culture, that you'll share your insights with me. I'm only one person, one culture, one color (on the outside) and am always learning and willing to grow, so let me know.

Apparently, I have many hopes. Even for peace on earth.                                                     ~ Julie Curson

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